Photo by Huber is a sharing of our captured memories through photography. Husband and wife for 38 years, we reside in New Jersey, in northern Bergen County. Photos may be from an exotic vacation, a special event, the beauty of nature or wildlife. Venues can be from anywhere around the globe or right in our own backyard.

Barry’s many interests are reflected in the diversity of his photos. From the age of 6, a camera has been a major part of his life. Now a retired technology manager, Barry heads out camera in hand finding photographic opportunities everywhere. He visualizes and anticipates events and hence he is always ready to capture the moment. Admirers of his images, including family, friends and professional photographers, have encouraged Barry to exhibit his work and to take on professional endeavors.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Mercedes’ interests gravitate towards photographing dogs and their companions in their natural environment or at dog events. An accomplished dog trainer, she combines her photographic interests with her love of dog training and showing our beloved Labrador Retrievers. A fine photographer herself, Mercedes is adept at Photoshop and other photo software. She produces animated story books and unique gifts created from digital memories. Mercedes, who developed this web site, is a retired technology manager and developer who has retained her passion for all forms of technology.

Please take a gander at the various galleries. New images and galleries will be added on a regular basis, so do come back often. We would love to hear from you.

Barry & Mercedes Huber

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